Ladies and Gentlemen!

I World Sport Fighting & Martial Arts Forum SUMA will take place in Pervouralsk, Russia, from 14 to 17 June 2019. It is biggest events in world of combat and martial arts sports. Over 500 participants from more than 20 countries worldwide are expected to attend. As part of the Forums, International event will be held: «World Tai-Juf Federation». On the 15th June, the International Conference «WTJF» will take place. One of the topics witch will be discussed is Tai-Juf – a modern trend in the sport of Martial Arts. The main topics covered in this conference are as follows:

  • Decision of authority official representatives of «WTJF» by country;
  • Distribution of liabilities among the governing bodies of «WTJF»;
  • Establishing an executive committee;
  • Establishment of a technical committee;
  • Approval of the calendar of events;
  • Approval of the place and date of the world championship.

The aim of the Fedetation is the popularization of Tai-Juf among Youth, the development of amateur and professional all styles Tai-Juf. The activity of «WTJF» and promotion of this style in your country — will create an additional drive to attract people to try out the modern martial arts. This will enable more effective cooperation and mutually beneficial relations between countries. We look forward to your support and contribution to the development of the organization, submission of the official representatives to participation in the conference.